Having a moment (30dd – Day 20)

So yesterday I typed up a blog post in advance. It was a pitiful thing full of “oh woe is me” sentiments and much wailing. Wait, here’s a sample:

“Sometimes I really, really resent people who can eat whatever they like.”

And “Sometimes I really hate that I’ve had to make a concerted effort to change my lifestyle. Why do I have to give up carbs, while the next person can just keep going and not gain a gram?”

And “Ugh. I know, I know, life isn’t fair. It’s a mantra I grew up being told, every time I wailed ‘It’s not faaaaair”. But you know what, it isn’t.”

And lastly “I want to be able to go to Primi and tuck into a bowl of pasta and not sip sadly on a non-descript veggie soup.”

There was more, so much more, but I’ll spare you. In my defense I did try to swing it around towards the end and make it a bit more positive and constructive. But I’m glad I didn’t post the whole thing. It was a bit depressing. And after going home and making a delicious meal that fit perfectly with our eating plan and having a good night’s sleep, I realize I was just having a “moment”. It happens from time to time. Especially when you have colleagues who seem to eat All The Time. (No really, there’s crunching going on right now).

Today I’m in a much better space. I’m sitting at my desk, sipping a mug of tea and I’m happy. I started the day with avo, feta and crispy bacon – which was quite simply heaven in a bowl. And when I stepped onto the scale this morning I was down a little too.

But I’m glad I actually took the time yesterday to get all of my frustrations out, even if no one is ever going to see them. I felt like I needed to process them somehow, and it’s far better ranting a bit on a screen than throwing in the towel and heading for the nearer fast food joint. Good job, Terri, good job.


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