A couple of slips (30dd – Day 25)

Shoowee, Just 5 days to go. This weekend was a bit of a tricky one food-wise. On Friday I went to a media lunch at the V&A Waterfront where I succumbed to the breadsticks and then the most darling little teeny tiny cheese cake thingies and milktart springrolls. So yum, but completely NOT okay with this eating plan.

We had friends around for dinner and I whipped up a cottage pie with cauli-mash and blue cheese and sage gem squash on the side. So that was at least good. And being busy in the kitchen meant I missed out on the crisps – although they were sweet potato ones, so possibly better than normal ones.

Then last night we ate out at a Mexican place for another friend’s birthday and I’m afraid I ordered a quesadilla. So yes… I have a bit of ground to make up after the weekend. But I don’t feel too dreadful about it. A little sluggish, maybe, but not devastated.

Today is all about drinking lots of water and topping myself up with loose-leaf tea.


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