In need of inspiration (30dd – Day 26)

It’s a public holiday and I’m at work. This is not worthy of gnashing of teeth or anything – I’m used to it. But the reason I bring it up is that I’m really hungry right now. My intention was to ride it out till supper time, but I feel like I just need a tiny nibble to tide me over. So I went downstairs to find that all the places that offer things that work with my eating plan are closed. So I figured I’d just grab a coffee, but the place I get my caffeine fix has also “just” closed. The only other option is Doppio. Which isn’t really an option on account of it being over-priced and the holder of the title of “slowest service in town”. Never mind that their coffee really isn’t that great either.

So I stomped around in St George’s Mall for a while and came back upstairs. Where I’m drinking water. I really should learn to plan ahead. Have a stash of almonds in my desk draw, or bring some chopped up raw veg to gnaw in moments like these. My only saving grace is that I don’t even have any change on me that would make being tempted by the vending machine an issue.

What I need right now is a good dose of inspiration. In moments like these I take to the internet and hunt for blogs and accounts of people who’ve made life changes similar to mine. I see that the stuff we struggle with is all pretty standard and I read as they overcome and keep going, or pick themselves up and go even further than they ever imagined possible.

And I’ll probably also drool over that recipe for creamed spinach I want to try tonight…


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