Happy dance (30dd – Day 27)

After much misery yesterday afternoon I went home and made a delicious low carb/ high fat dinner of  spicy chicken strips, roasted pumpkin and sage puree, and creamed spinach. At first I worried that the portions weren’t big enough, but man was I full afterwards. I’ve realized that I need to work on portion control, now that I’ve waxed the actual ingredients part of this eating plan. And when you’re making delicious dishes, the best way to do that is make less. I don’t trust us to keep leftovers for the next day when they’re so yummy.

It also “helps” that we’re a bit broke at the moment, and that when we move into our house and start paying the bond we’re going to have to live with a much stricter budget. So I’m having to be very careful with what food we buy and actually plan meals in advance. I must admit that even though having so little money available is difficult, I’m sort of enjoying the challenge of working around it. It’s the simple things, like a bunch of spinach for R7, that make it fun. Traipsing around PnP and working out ways to maximize my savings and accumulation of Smart Shopper points. Not that having a huge budget wouldn’t be more enjoyable – but I’m finding the silver lining.

Speaking of which – this morning I officially reached the 20kg mark. That’s right – I am now 20kgs lighter than my heaviest weight and I’m so happy and proud of myself. Really. It’s been a long road and there’s still quite a way to go, but I’m gonna keep at it. Realistically, I think I have about 15kgs to go until I’m where I’d like to be. I’ve got time though, and while it’s sometimes frustrating, I think I’m content with the rate at which I’m losing. It’s a gradual adjustment, no massive shocks to my system. So the end result of this 30 Day Dash isn’t going to be all that “amazing” like it would have been if this were only the beginning of my weightloss journey, but it’s definitely down, and that’s good.



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