Brunch for dinner (30dd – Day 29)

Guys, tomorrow is Day 30. I’m so chuffed that I managed to hit the 20kg mark in the past month. I still haven’t been as strict as possible, but I think I’ve made really good progress.

What I’ve especially loved is experimenting in the kitchen and making dishes I’ve never tried before. Last night’s adventure was baked eggs in spinach and mushroom nests. Baked eggs always look so pretty, but I’ve been a bit wary of  giving them a try – mainly because I worried that they would run all over the place and end up a mess, and that they’d be gross in general. But there has to be a first time for everything so I took a deep breath, stocked up on spinach and hit the kitchen.

The recipe I found online is actually listed under brunch, and I can totally see why. But it worked well as a side for some spicy chicken strips last night. Very filling and totally cool on this eating plan. I’ll try it again soon – maybe in individual ramekins for breakfast… With some bacon or chorizo thrown in for good measure.

Husband Person enjoyed them too, after being mildly impressed by the apparent effort it took to prepare. Okay, fine, it was a bit of a thing, but now that I know how, the next batch will be easier. I may also take a pic or two to show off.

Being back at skating is great, although I’ve complained bitterly through the past three practices. Heh. But I think that’s what’s going to help push me to meet my next mini goal. C’mon Terri, four more kgs then you can buy the Real Meal Revolution.


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