Fed Up

Oh my gosh, you guys. I’m getting so annoyed by people who loudly and angrily complain about “Banting” and Tim Noakes and the whole eating plan – but they keep calling it “low carb/ high protein”. It’s low carb/ high FAT. And there’s a big difference. Really, it’s grates me.

And the worst part is that it’s mostly coming from “professionals” arguing in the name of science. If you can’t get the name right, then I honestly can’t even begin to consider the merits of your argument.

There’s a massive difference between protein and fat in terms of what each does or doesn’t do for your body. And people yelling about how high protein diets cause bowel cancer… well, that may be so… good thing THIS ISN’T A HIGH PROTEIN DIET.

It’s a moderate protein diet. And people like Noakes who advocate this way of eating all go to great lengths to explain to people that they shouldn’t be loading their plates with meat and dairy. It’s the fats you’re after.

I think I need to stop reading the letters page.


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