I’m Spent

It’s easy to be rich – just stop spending money.


That’s the first line of my new self-help book that’s going to be a best seller one day when I’m absolutely rolling in money. Simple, right? I really hope it is because we’ve a bond landing soon and I am still battling to kill of my credit card debt.

I know what the problem is. It’s not clothing accounts and huge impulse buys. It’s the little think. The coffee in the morning accompanied by a wrap, because, well, why not – that’s totals almost R60. It’s the quick nibble from the take-away that comes to R20. It’s the packet of nuts that amounts to R35. It’s the little bottle of gorgeous nail polish for R34. It’s forgetting to turn your 3G off in a wifi zone and chowing all your airtime so spending R100 in two days.

And it’s all avoidable. Just stop. I don’t intend to limit my spending. I intend to just stop all unnecessary spending. Cold turkey. A blogger I used to follow once gave up spending for Lent. It was hard – but she did it. And since then I’ve toyed with the idea. But I think, today after putting my entire tax refund into my credit card and seeing how it hardly made a dent, I’m ready. Let’s do this.

I avoided the coffee shop this morning and came straight up to my desk. Easy peasy. I suspect it may get a little harder later today when my colleagues come back with tasty snacks and delicious smelling lunches. But I’ll stay strong. Because if I give it my all it should be possible to not only handle the bond, but still manage to reduce my credit card nicely.

As a little jolt of inspiration I gathered the fist of till slips that have accumulated in my handbag this week and added up the unnecessary expenditure. R280. And that’s just the slips I kept. I know I threw others away already. I allowed myself a brief moment of misery realizing how that money would have been better used to clear some more debt, but then I moved swiftly along.

I need to make a few commitments, though, for this to work.


  1. No social media during the day today on my cellphone. I can catch up with Twitter and Facebook when I get home tonight.
  2. No snacks from Clicks. The R20 I have in my wallet needs to stay there for as long as possible.
  3. I’ll have just a black coffee when I conduct my interviews at Motherland today and tomorrow. And I will claim back the money asap.


I think those will keep me going for the next couple of days. The weekend will be a different story, but I’ll cross that bridge tomorrow when I start gearing up for it.


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