Switching off

Last night Husband Person and I had a bit of a back-and-forth about spending too much times on our phones. We both do it. Sitting at a restaurant scrolling through FB, lounging in front of the TV catching up on Tweets and snuggling under the duvets ogling Instagram. It’s ridiculous. And to top it all, I’ve just glossed an article about the links between depression and smartphone addiction.

Something needs to be done. I’m not one for committing to a year away from technology like others before me have done. But what I can do is, just for tonight, put my phone away. From the moment I leave the office, my phone will be there just to let HP know I’m on my way and when to meet me. Then when I get home, it’ll go to my bedside table and stay there.

If I’m bored, I’ll read. Heaven knows I have an absolute door stop of a book I need to get through to review. So yes, no social media for me tonight. Let’s see how I do. It also helps that I’m out of data and payday is a whopping five days away.

I’m not certain I’m an “addict”, but I guess this evening will tell. How hard will it be to ignore my phone? How many times will I find my hand straying to my handbag on the bus? I’ll let you know.


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