A Yumcious breakfast bite

I’m a creature of habit. Once I find something I like at a restaurant, I’m often tempted to stick to that dish every time I go or gravitate towards old favourites at new places. But I also don’t really like getting stuck in ruts, so when I caught myself pondering a chicken mayo toasted sandwich at Yumcious this morning I gave myself a stern talking to. I mean, this IS Jenny Morris’ joint, so I’m pretty certain the chicken mayo sarmie is delish, but really, Terri, splash out a bit for goodness sake.


Upstairs at the Cape Quarter, Yumcious is a light and welcoming space – perfect for a quick Friday morning breakfast. First up, a creamy cappuccino while I perused the menu. There’s loads to choose from – although I’d just missed the Insomniac’s Special (served between 7 and 8.30am), I was set on tucking into a breakfast. Whether Full English is your cup of tea, or you’d prefer a Yumcious Very Veggie Breakfast (scrambled eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, herby sauté potatoes, their signature lentil and feta cake, and toast) – there’s a variety to choose from. I was extremely tempted by the French Kiss – French toast, with whipped orange and honey butter – doesn’t that sound simply sublime? But in the end I was won over by The Godmother. I’ll be honest – the name caught my attention to begin with, and then I was completely convinced by the description. “She likes her eggs poached the way she likes them, 2 of them, perched on a bed of chopped crispy bacon, fennel, red pepper, a hint of garlic, parsley, red onion and tender green peas.” Realistically, how could I not?


If you’re going for lunch, choose from the list of burgers – from Plain Jane to The Beet Goes On, or treat yourself to a gourmet sandwich. Or make sure you pop in on time to help yourself to all sorts of deliciousness from the Kilo Table. “Freshly made, delicious and unusual salads and cold meats”. Having tried some of Jenny’s generous salads before, I’m sold on getting to graze a lunchtime or two away there. Her meals are all about freshness and seasonal goodness. And if you’ve ever watched her cook, or joined her in the kitchen, you’ll know her dishes are oozing with not only flavour, but passion and fun.

The Godmother arrived at my table, with aromatic tendrils inviting me to dig in immediately. My eggs were perfectly poached and the runny yolk descended slowly into the generous pile of fresh, flavoursome veggies. There’s something wonderful about a breakfast like that. It sets you up perfectly for the rest of the day. No stodgy bread to leave you feeling bloated. But it was still just as, if not more, comforting. Happily, the portion was ample enough to see me through to dinnertime, or at least a very late lunch. I loved the tiny hints of tartness amid the green flavours. And the bacon bits just added that little something extra. I’ll definitely order it again – but not until I’ve tried at least three other things on the menu. Avoiding that rut… even if it IS a delicious rut.

As well as getting excited by interesting flavours and textures in dishes, I also have a bit of a thing for cutlery and crockery. Yumcious’ Sola cutlery has a very pleasing heft to it. There’s something about a knife and fork with a little bit of weight to them that make those first few bites all the more thrilling. And I love the heavy ceramic plate as well. Together, they made it feel like more than just a quick bit on the run.

Since I was just in for a quick brekkie, I avoided the cake table – but I’ll definitely be back for a nibble or two. It’s the kind of spot where you can just as happily dash in and out, or laze around for a few hours. And as summer finally settles in, the tables out in the courtyard are most certainly going to be a new favourite haunt of mine.



R91 for coffee and breakfast

In and out in 35 minutes

Satisfying meal, fresh flavours and cheerful atmosphere


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