Modern Mexican munching

Sometimes, on-the-fly food decisions can be the best. Heading back to the office today after the last bit of admin before my visa appointment I figured a bite to eat would be a good idea. My route passed a bunch of old dependables, but it also took me past Tortilla Modern Mexican in the Icon Building down on the Foreshore. The prices looked good, the logo is pretty cool and there wasn’t a whopping queue at the counter. Win, win and win.


As with other similar chains you pick your bits n pieces as you go along. There’s the standard burrito option, or you can go with a bowl if you’re avoiding the carbs. Then choose your protein and build it up with salads and beans and sauces. Then they wrap it all up in foil, pop it in the toaster for a moment or two and you’re good to go.


I went with the burrito, braised beef (marinated overnight in chilli, oreganum and rosemary), lettuce, pinto beans, corn, tomato fresca, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. And because I decided to eat there, they gave me a little bowl with a handful of nachos. Good thing too – burritos are messy. Sauce, everywhere. But it was tasty and filling, and the flavours were fresh. Next time I’ll make sure to add something with a bit of a bite into it as well, I could have done with that lovely tongue tingling burn that goes along with a good Mexican dish.

Price wise it was doable for a weekday lunch as well, and the serving was big enough to keep me going through until supper. I had the “lite” option, I’m curious as to how much bigger the “large” is. Also, there’s a loyalty programme, so future visits will come with discounts – always a bonus.


My lunch (with added guacamole) cost R49

Super quick. They whipped it up in seconds flat and I gobbled it down at an outdoor table and was on my way again within 10 minutes

Fresh ingredients, nice and saucy. Could have done with a bit more zing, but that’s totally on me for not having opted for the more spicy ingredients